“Ife Aurora” is an artistic collective creating contemporary art in performance, paintings and installation.

Bringing to the table more than 15 years of experience in theatre, dance (performing arts) and painting.


Working with art in several different occasions creating scenery, dance theatre and incredible art paintings.


Coming from multicultural backgrounds the collective focuses on strong story lines in their pieces (tanztheater, performances) always exploring deep and complexes topics such as perceptions consciousness, cultural heritage and many other things depending on their presentation.

“For us Dance and Art is a study and a science which has to be understood in a multidimensional way”. “Our Priority is our dedication to our work and enrichen our art by reinventing to come up with new concepts and ideas”.



Always being one step ahead by analyzing the current market the Collective uses their ability to plant new innovations and tendencies in their works.

Ife Aurora is constantly developing something new by putting pieces together in a different kind of way, so that something outstanding is continually created.


Their paintings are a current expression of emotions expressions and energy with a strong mark of their unique style and technique.

The Installations are usually used in theatre presentations but also in exhibitions and events.

Ife Aurora Is always opening paths for unusual and yet unseen ways to create document and express art.  Expect the unexpected.